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Macau lies on the western side of Pearl river Delta Hong Kong to the east & facing the Shouth China Sea. Macau is known as one of the very few regions in Asia with high human development Here visitors find the aspects of Macau's unique East-West culture presented in a interactive way which attracts visitors. World's tallest statue of Goddess A-Ma which have 170 mtrs. high peak famous as Tin Hau situated here Goddess A-Ma has been revered in Macau. Macau has rich heritage from Chinese & Portuguese past, you can also find here Chinese temples, catholic churches ancient forts & other historical buildingswith modern environment that has testimony to cultural blend.

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The majority resides on the Macau Peninsular one can get a variety of both Oriental & Western cultural & historical places that are European baroque & traditional chinese in style. The blend of people culture & history attracts life in the city, wandering is the best way to explore the city numerous historical cultural heritage.
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